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Integrity is not a Four Letter Word
April 9, 2009, 12:08 pm
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I’ve been tweeting a lot about the principles I stand for lately and I think some things need to be elaborated on more than just the 140 characters I’m allowed on Twitter.

The principles I believe in are the same as our Founding Fathers.  They’re pretty simple & straightforward:

Pursuit of Happiness
Limited Government

These principles have ALWAYS withstood the test of time.  They transcend any political boundaries as they provide the freedom and choice with which every American, no, every human being on this planet can realize their true potential. That was the prescience of our Founding Fathers – By stating these principles they ensured that no political party could change the foundation this great country of ours is based on.   These Founding Principles limit no one and provide everyone with the foundation to do the best for themselves and the best for each other. Individually and collectively we have forgotten that.

There are numerous examples to prove that not embracing these principles destroys the very things that were given to us, not by a government or group of people, but by a Divine Intelligence.  We can point to China, the USSR, North Korea, Iran as examples of what happens when these principles are overridden for the benefit of the few who want control over the many.  We can talk about how China is a rising power but only need to look at the 1 billion of the 1.3 billion population who live in 3rd world conditions to know that their system is failing miserably.

I say to persons of both parties – Drop the oppressive clothing that the leaders of both parties have draped upon you.  Embrace the freedom and liberty that the Founding Fathers clearly enunciated and do what is right.  Rediscover what has been always yours and use it to create the abundance that you have always had but forgot.  You will realize once again that there is and always has been – enough for everyone.

Am I being naive?  Perhaps but this is my hope for every human being:

To realize my words here ring with truth and then go forth and make the changes for yourself that no government nor any other person could do better.

Now go enjoy the day, rediscover your individual potential, and engage in life.

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Simply and truthfully stated, you are a great American, and very proud to know you. If only people would wake up, but alas the educational system has failed by teaching not the history upon which this country is based, but rather a personal, political and philosophical indoctrination. When only 53% of the people believe capitalism is better than socialism, we know that falls in the educators laps.

Comment by Di

Thank you. I believe ur right about our education system. The good part about that poll is roughly 30% are undecided. It’s our job to help inform those people so they can make a sound rational decision.

Comment by fleckman

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