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Obstructionism – Depends on the view.
January 13, 2009, 3:52 pm
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United States Capital
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I’ve been hearing a lot of chatter lately about obstructionism.  That Republicans should be bipartisan and vote on the remaining bailout to be dispersed.  I’ve heard that Republicans shouldn’t be viewed as obstructionists when looking to President Obama’s (yeah I might as well call him what he’ll be soon) massive government spending program that, according to him and his democratic brothers and sisters in Congress, needs to be passed immediately or the end of the world will occur as we know it.

So let’s all take a deep breath here – come on – innnn and ooooout. That’s it.  Good – let’s proceed.

So is it obstructionist to vote against the Treasury getting the 2nd $350 Billion of our (taxpayer’s money).  It would be if we had an accounting of where the 1st half actually went to and in detail.  But we don’t.  It would be if we got what we were promised by the Secretary – oversight on how the money was spent but we didn’t.  In fact we got the banks, yes the ones we bailed out, telling us that not only do they not know where the money went but they are not even going to tell us – period.  They’re not even going to attempt to account for it.  Could you imagine if you went to a bank and got a loan and you didn’t account to the bank where it went?  I don’t think you would even get one.

If I was Congress – I wouldn’t let one drop of our taxpayer money go out the door unless there were existing guidelines already in place to account for the money that has been spent and will be spent.  They don’t care – Republicans and Democrats.  Why?  Because they don’t care about the American people.  Come on people from both sides – Your Congress is getting ready to let loose another $350 Billion of our hard earned money and not one dollar of the first half has been accounted for.  They don’t care a tweet about you or me.

As for the Spendapalooza that the Democratic led and controlled Congress is about to unleash on America?  Come on people don’t be obstructionists!!  If our Congress doesn’t spend that money right now and pass this monstrosity very quickly then the world will collapse, just like it did when Paulson talked about it first right?  (Mr. Paulson – have some news for you – my 14 year old daughter manages money better than you sir.)  We’re being told that we should only take one week to review the MOST MASSIVE SPENDING PROGRAM EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD.  Why? Because the Anti-Christ might appear or a meteor might impact the earth at any moment?  Because this is the worst economic time since the Great Depression but in fact and actuality during the Carter years it was even worse than it is now?

So Republicans in Congress – if you truly care about the American people – then be the heartiest of obstructionists.  Stop this insanity and go full bore with standing in the way of moronic policies and programs that have never worked.  Provide a sound solution for all Americans so that when you do stand in the way of stupidity you’ll also have a path to prosperity laid out for the American people.

I’m afraid for the Democrats in Congress that I’ve lost all hope for you in doing the right thing.  Aren’t you the ones trying to push the Omnibus Lands bill through – you know the one where you’ve got $1 Billion of our money earmarked to save 500 fish in California? Where you’re banning natural gas reserves that are larger than our current ones right now. Reserves that could help us in our fight against dependence on other countries for our energy needs?

Republicans don’t worry about being obstructionists.  After all, if you’re standing in the way of further destruction of our economy and dumb wasteful spending that achieves nothing in the long term well is that just plain common sense?

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